Advertising on Wrappers
by Allen Mintz

There are many advertising envelopes that one sees in auctions and bourses but the wrapper with advertising is not common. When these two wrappers were offered I could see they were very unusual.

W425 Centennial of the incorporation of the
City of Syracuse New York. The picutre is a Magnus view of the Salina Street.


W425 Map of Onodaga County titled "Map of the History and Romance of Onondaga County

Syracuse was named in 1820, incorporated into a village in 1825 and into a city in 1848. Most of the salt used in the United States in the early years came from this area. Towards the end of the Revolutionary War General Sullivan was commanded by Washington to destroy the Indian in Central New York. While he was doing this in the region of the Finger Lakes an other expedition came down from the north and drove out the Onondagas. Many fled to Cadada. What remains of the Onondaga Nation remains in a reservations just south of Syracuse. The history of Syracuse as far as the white is concerned begins at the end of the Revolution.

So two interesting wrappers show a part of history, the beginnins of a city, and the end really of a tribe of Indians.

My thanks to the Onondaga Historical Society for their help
Rev September 21 2001

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